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Congratulations to Drew Deters for receiving the annual Lifetime Achievement Award from our local association. He is a past president, involved with many committees, and our current broker here at Five Star. This is a well deserved honor for Drew!


Five Star had the honor of receiving two awards at our general membership luncheon:


We received 100% participation from all our agents toward RPAC, our political arm of real estate that fights for property rights.

We also received the most money given from an office in our association toward RPAC.


So glad to be apart of Five Star and promoting Realtors and property owners!


President's Day marks the beginning of the Spring housing market according to many Realtors and home builders. So, for those who have been frustrated with the lack of inventory, we should begin to see a steady increase in the amount of homes to choose from. For sellers who have been waiting patiently the past couple months, showings on your property should pick up shortly. Now is the time to get serious for all things real estate in 2016!


Five Star was voted for the 8th time as the "Best Of" real estate companies in Holland/Zeeland by Holland Sentinel readers again for 2015. Proud to be apart of it!


As we have gotten into the beginning of fall, the real estate market leveled out a bit. As homes now take a little longer to sell than they do during spring and summer, it is important to do everything you can to stand out from the crowd. I am now offering full scale 3-D imaging of your home with High definition pictures. This program allows for prospective buyers to literally tour your home, and see the layout online. This is a fantastic advantage over the competition, and will set your home apart.


The Zillow merger with Trulia is now complete, and I anticipate that the two property search engine powerhouses will start to have many shared features. This will definitely give both agents and consumers more tools to enhance their online experience. I hope that they will continue to get more accurate information and focus on the data they provide, and less about trying to sell leads back to Realtors. I respect both companies, but their motives as a conglomerate will be interesting to watch. 


Right now we are in a sizzling market with very little inventory available. it is very important to get a mortgage pre approval in place before you get too serious about buyimg a home. Many homes are getting multiple offers, and the strength of the buyers financing becomes a major consideration. 


I am grateful to have a received this award from Trulia. This was based on sales volume and positive customer reviews in 2014. Thank you!


The importance of pricing your house is always key! But a small pricing error can cost the sellers the chance to sell their home.  Many sellers still buy into the idea of pricing higher, so they can come down with an offer.  In our market here in West Michigan, homes may not even get seen if they are not priced well to start with.  Buyers don't have the desire to look at overpriced homes; therefore, they don't get shown.  Who wants that to happen? No one. Agents should always make a seller aware of current market values and the importance of that listing price!


This time of year some sellers start to think their window for selling is done until the following spring. While it is hard to argue against the fact that the warmer months of the year generate more traffic, the winter can still be a good time to sell.  Here's why:


1.)  There are fewer homes on the market. Since so many wait until spring to list, the numbers can often be more in the seller's favor during the winter.


2.)  Most buyers serching in the winter are serious about buying.  The buyers that are in the market to buy during the winter are generally looking to make a deal happen. No one wants to look at homes in below freezing weather for the fun of it!


3.)  During the holidays, many people have family back in town.  Some of these people may be moving back into thow and starting to look for a home.  Homes on the market this time of year get a lot of attention through advertising.


So, if you are wondering whether or not to sell your house this winter, don't let the weather scare you off!



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