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Home Improvement Resolutions You Can Start Today

If you're looking for ways to upgrade your home in the new year, add these resolutions to your list.

2022 is finally here and many of us are thinking about what home renovations we'll be making this year. Home improvements make for great New Year resolutions because they not only provide a sense of personal achievement but also benefit you financially in the long run.

The tricky part about planning home improvements is it's often difficult to know where to start. If you're looking for some ideas to start your year off right, here are some recommendations from our real estate agents:

  • Declutter One Room A Month
    Decluttering can have a positive impact on mental health; however, it can also be a massive undertaking. For many people,  the job can seem too large to handle. This often leads people to lose motivation partway through. Instead of tackling the project all at once, make it an effort to declutter one room each month. This will help you break things down into more attainable goals.

  • Focus On Curb Appeal
    Curb appeal is a term that describes how your home appears from the street. Enhancing curb appeal is especially important if you want to make your property stand out among these Holland homes for sale. It can also drastically increase your home value.

    To improve curb appeal, consider painting your front door, cleaning your siding, improving your landscaping, or even purchasing a new mailbox. By taking these simple steps, your home will stand out in no time.

  • Increase Energy Efficiency
    Making your home more green not only benefits the planet but also can decrease utility bills. Going green doesn't necessarily mean investing in solar panels — there are so many simple ways to improve your home's energy efficiency. Install ceiling fans, invest in double-pane windows, and reapply caulking and sealant. You can also evaluate your insulation and make sure to tackle any overdue roof repairs, which may be allowing warm or cool air to escape. A programmable thermostat is also a great way to improve energy efficiency.

  • Create Your Home Office
    Many of us have been working from home since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic; however, if you're still setting up your laptop at your dining room table, it's time to start thinking about your home office.

    Even if you don't have an extra bedroom, there are many places you can build a home office. If you have unused space under the stairs, in the corner of the basement, or in the upstairs hallway, these could all be suitable options. Just invest in a desk that fits and matches the space, a comfortable chair, and some basic office decor. Remember, home offices are critical selling points these days.

  • Enhance Your Outdoor Space
    Make 2022 the year you create your outdoor paradise. Enhance your porch or patio with new furniture, rugs, and mood lighting. Perhaps invest in a new grill or outdoor table, so you can be prepared to entertain company when warm weather arrives.

  • Update Your Kitchen
    The kitchen is often considered the most important room of the house when it comes to home value. If your kitchen is long overdue for an upgrade, 2022 is the year to get it done. Invest in new matching appliances, apply a new coat of paint, update your lighting fixtures, and perhaps invest in a new kitchen table. If you're thinking about adding a new color scheme, check out the Behr or Benjamin Moore  2022 Colors of The Year

Contact us today for more home improvement recommendations!


Find The Perfect Home Decor With These 6 Tips

Struggling to find decor that matches your style? Here are some tips to jumpstart your interior design.

One of the hardest parts about interior decorating and design is figuring out your own style and tastes. To further complicate things, our styles and taste are constantly evolving. Some people like everything, which can make it difficult to narrow down your ideas into a single concept. Others are extremely picky and have trouble finding anything that matches their personality. Bottom line — if you struggle to define your own tastes, picking furniture, room colors, and decor can be quite the challenge.

Luckily, our real estate agents are here to help. We've seen thousands of homes and designs, so we know the importance of individual style. We compiled a list of the top 6 ways to define your own interior style and preferences:

  1. Use Your Closet For Inspiration
    If you're struggling to define your style, start by taking a look in your closet. Your clothing will say a lot about your personal tastes. If you're constantly buying the same colors and styles, then it'd probably be a safe bet to incorporate those elements into your interior design. If your clothes are mostly neutral colors, then you might enjoy neutral tones in your decor.

  2. Check Out Blogs And Magazines
    One of the easiest ways to define things you like and dislike is by checking out blogs, magazines, and websites like Pinterest. If you find something you like, simply bookmark a page or rip out a section of a magazine and start a collection. When it comes to time to design a room, you'll have a bunch of content to use for inspiration.

  3. Look At Other Homes
    Shopping for homes will help you quickly realize what you like and dislike when it comes to home decor. Attend some local open houses, check out online listings, or schedule an appointment with a real estate agent. If you want to see some truly beautiful home decor, check out some of these Holland homes for sale.

  4. Stop By Some High-End Stores
    Browsing some local high-end home decor shops will definitely give you a number of design ideas. You'll undoubtedly notice displays, colors, and styles that you like and dislike. You're not obligated to buy anything, but you can still get a sense of what you like and then seek our similar decor at a less expensive store.

  5. Conduct Some Experiments
    If you'd like to experiment with design concepts in your home, shop at a store with a generous return policy. Buy some furniture or tables that catch your eye, and stage them in your own living room. If you don't like it, take it back and try something else.

  6. Determine What You Don't Like
    If you're having trouble deciding on your style, it might help to start by figuring out what you don't like. If there are certain colors or patterns that are a no-go, thinking about what you dislike can actually be helpful when it comes to evaluating future concepts.

Interior design and decorating can be tricky, but remember to start with what you know you love. You're the one who will be living in your home, so you should ensure you're surrounded with decor that matches your tastes. For more tips on interior decorating, contact us today.

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