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The Most Common Landscaping Mistakes — And How To Avoid Them

Great landscaping requires a lot of prepping and skill, which is why it's so easy to make these mistakes. Here's how you can avoid them.

With so many of us spending summer weekends doing yard work, our real estate agents thought it'd be a great time to share some landscaping tips.

Great landscaping is both an art and a science. We know creating the perfect yard takes time and practice, and it's well worth it. Remember, beautiful landscaping can make or break your curb appeal. Therefore, learning best practices and avoiding mistakes can really help boost your property value and attract attention when it comes time to sell your home.

If you're busy working on your yard this summer, here are some common landscaping mistakes you should try to avoid:

  1. Don't Over Mulch
    The purpose of mulch is to maintain soil temperature and lock in moisture. When you apply a mountain of mulch around a tree or shrub, it actually causes the roots to rot and creates a paradise for destructive insects. It may be tempting to apply generous amounts of mulch; however,  you should limit it to only a thin layer around your plants so you can be sure your roots have room to breathe.

  2. Choosing The Wrong Plants
    When shopping for plants, it's easy to gravitate towards the most beautiful options; however, don't forget to consider whether the plant is a good fit for your yard. Where will you place it? If it's a plant that thrives in the shade, you don't want to put it in an area with lots of direct sun exposure. Also, consider if it matches your facade and the rest of your landscaping. If you need some inspiration on choosing the right plants, check out some of the landscaping at these Holland homes for sale.

  3. Planting Too Deep
    We know soil is necessary for plant growth, but you should avoid trying to bury your plant's roots too far below the surface for the same reason you shouldn't over-mulch. You run the risk of ultimately suffocating and damaging the plant roots by restricting airflow. When determining how deep to plant, use the plant's original container as a guideline.

  4. Forgetting The Importance of Sun Exposure
    Homeowners are often so concerned about where plants look the best that they actually forget to place them in an area with adequate sun exposure. In order to ensure your plants grow big, bright, and healthy, they'll need to receive adequate sunlight during most daylight hours. Don't plant them in a shady area under a tree or on a side of the house with limited sun.

  5. Cutting Your Grass Too Short
    Cutting grass in the summer is a weekly occurrence, and many homeowners falsely believe that cutting it as short as possible can buy some extra time. However, when your lawn is exposed to the summer sun all day long, your grass can dry out and die quickly. As a result, you actually want to leave a bit of extra length on your grass blades to provide some extra shade and hold moisture.

Landscaping can be a fun summer hobby, but it's also essential for maintaining your curb appeal and home value. Contact us today for more landscaping ideas.

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